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Medical examination of tetracycline pills with achalasia is carried out by therapists, but with the involvement of surgeons or surgeons, but with a mandatory examination of the patient by a therapist. Drug therapy, physiotherapy or sanatorium-and-spa treatment in resorts with mineral waters and mud are periodically used. X-ray and esophagoscopy examination is carried out 1-2 times a year in order to timely diagnose complications - the progression of stenosis and the degeneration of tissues into a tumor. If the condition worsens, the patient is sent to the surgical hospital.

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1 What is it? 2 Types of esophageal dyskinesia 3 Main symptoms 4 Causes of the disease 4.1 Primary causes of dyskinesia 4.2 Secondary causes of dyskinesia 5 Diagnosis 6 Main methods of treatment 7 Prevention. In the event that the motility of the esophagus is disturbed, i.e., aboutthe movement of food to buy tetracycline online occurs with difficulty due to a decrease or increase in peristalsis, this phenomenon is called esophageal dyskinesia. It can also manifest itself in the form of a decrease in the diameter of the esophagus (narrowing) and a deterioration in tone, up to paralysis. The result is obstruction. Because of what a person suffers at first from spasms, and then cannot eat normally.


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In some cases, esophagofundoanastomosis, esophagocardiomyotomy are effective. Symptoms and treatment of esophageal dyskinesia. Esophageal dyskinesia is not a common disease that will interfere with the normal process of eating. As a result of research, it was found that 70% of esophageal disorders occur in the beautiful half of humanity over 30 years old. Over the years, the risk of this disease increases. Since the disease initially may not bother and manifest itself poorly, people resort to buy sumycin medical care already at the later stages of the development of the disease.

Hypermotor dysfunction of the esophagus in the thoracic region. Segmental esophagospasm - the contractile frequency is doubled. Diffuse esophagospasm - the esophagus contracts arbitrarily, the regulation of the process does not occur. At the same time, the work of the lower sphincter is not affected and remains normal. The occurrence of an uncharacteristic motor failure.

  • It is manifested by spastic contractions and chronic gastroesophageal reflux, i.e., the contents of the stomach (gastric juice) constantly rises into the esophagus.
  • It becomes difficult for a person to swallow, up to a complete loss of the ability to eat normally. Return to the table of contents.
  • The same symptoms may be characteristic of different types of the disease.
  • Therefore, during a visit to the doctor, it is necessary to indicate all the smallest details of sumycin pills in order to obtain the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. There are several main signs of esophageal dyskinesia.
  • The main symptom of esophageal dyskinesia is difficulty swallowing (dysphagia). It is provoked by too hot / cold food, insufficiently crushed when chewing, as well as smoking, drinking alcohol, and nervous tension.
  • Pain behind the sternum. It occurs due to the same reasons as dysphagia, and can also begin for no reason when a person is at rest.

The pain is so severe that there is an association with tearing the chest. It can radiate to the face, back and be accompanied by trembling all over the body, a feeling of heat. Insufficiency of the lower sphincter, accompanied by frequent belching or regurgitation, especially when bending over or lying down. Cardiospasm. At the same time, a person becomes irritable, tearful, heartbeat quickens, memory worsens, weight decreases. There are pains in the chest and between the shoulder blades. Belching becomes constant (air or stomach contents). Achalasia cardia. During swallowing, the cardia does not open reflexively, the tone of the esophagus is significantly reduced. It is more common in women over 25 years of age. Esophageal dyskinesia can occur due to external influences, nervous disorders, heredity. Return to the table of contents.